To mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Zonta Club of Greater Reno and the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project have collaborated on an art piece, ” Add Your Voice to Ending Violence Against Women” highlighting the silence and stigma that have allowed violence against women to escalate. NYEP residents bared their souls sharing the fears, insecurities and barriers that they face as women as well as their hopes, dreams and goals in the art piece.

Did You Know?

  • 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced gender based violence.
  • 35% of all women who were murdered were victims of their intimate partners
  • 42% of women who have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner suffered injuries as a result
  • Women in urban areas are twice as likely as men to experience violence, particularly in developing countries

Everyone has a role to play in ending violence against women and girls.

We invite you to come together with us and Add Your Voice to Ending Violence against Women by joining the “Orange Your World” movement and in a collective global action say no to violence to against women and girls.

  • Come see Zonta Club of Greater Reno and Nevada Youth Empowerment’s art display for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from November 30, 2019-December 10, 2019 located in the Reno City Hall lobby at 1 E. First Street, Reno, NV 89502.
  • Take and wear Zonta ribbon to wear and show your supportzm372_1_1
  • Add Your Voice to Ending Violence against Women by adding your own tag to this display with your own experience and/or views about violence that women experience.
  • Spread the word! Bring awareness to the “Orange the World Movement” by creating your own event.

Learn more about the artists that worked on this project:

Photo on 11-18-17 at 6.55 PM #5

My name is Anahi Lopez. I am an artist, a student, a woman and a Latina. I graduated from NYEP exactly a year ago. Art is a very important piece of my life and who I am.

PicMonkey Collage
Anahi’s concept art and final art piece.

“This piece deals with the surge of murders that have targeted women for declining men’s advances. From ex-husbands shooting their wives because they filed for divorce to women rejecting men that ask for their phone numbers, the amount of women killed at the hands of men has dramatically increased. The frightening reality is that women can be given a death sentence just for saying no. Women who this dilemma has affected include but not limited to: Shemel Mecurius 16, Tara Serino 19, Lauren Mcclusky 21, Liza Steen 37, Tiarah Poyau 22.”


My name is Britney Jones. I am 20 years old, and  have lived at NYEP for almost 5 months now. I see the beauty in “ugly” things in life. While most people would see a dead tree as l lifeless, I see them screaming in color, and life. I am inspired by all of what I see and feel. All of the hurt, tears, happiness and every breath I take, I love throwing all of that on a canvas and calling it beautiful. 

PicMonkey Collage2
Britney’s concept art and completed art piece.

“I created Jade (my mannequin) to be a mother Earth kind of character. Her body is covered in flowers and vines. I worked creating an imaginary person. Doing this helped me to decide, what she would look like, and who she would be, what she would be if she existed in real life, and her name. Not as a person but as deity, she is strong, proud, caring, gentle and virtuous. “


My name is Cindy Allen. I am a Transition Specialist at the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project. I currently provide over site for NYEP’s Open Art Day held weekly for NYEP residents at Reno Art Works. I enjoy the opportunity to work with NYEP residents to help them develop their own voice through art.


zonta club (1)
Overall concept art and completed art piece. 

“I worked with Zonta Club members to create a concept for this art piece that showed the noise that surrounds women in the form of thoughts that are shown outwardly and internally including goals, hopes and dreams as well as fears, struggles and anxieties and how gender based violence plays a role in those thoughts that constantly surround us. I wanted to leave the concept open to interpenetration for NYEP residents contributing to the piece. 2 residents created concept and did the art work for the mannequins and all residents created artwork on cards representing their outward goals, hopes and dreams as well as their inward struggles, fears and anxieties that are displayed throughout the piece with facts about gender based violence. I am very proud of the work that NYEP residents did for this piece.” 


My name is Karen Gulash.  I am a retired Art Educator from both WCSD and CCSD, a Zonta Club member and best of all a NYEP Volunteer.  I enjoy working on art projects with young people and inspiring them to love art and use it to communicate their feelings and ideals.

“My job was to be a facilitator for this art project.  I needed to listen to the ideas of the artist and help the work come to fruition.  I enjoyed working with my artist and watching her create a piece of art which she became attached to.  The work speaks of her positive outlook on life.  I loved watching as she painted, picked out flowers, and glued them on.  Even the action of combing the hair was one of warmth and caring.  I love working with these young women doing something that I love (art) and seeing how fulfilling it is for them.  I hope these young ladies realize how much they actually give to me and I can’t wait to see the beautiful women that they turn into knowing that they too will fight for the rights of all women in the nation.”

For more information contact:

zonta-logoJoy Orlich
President, Zonta Club of Greater Reno

nyep-logoCindy Allen
Transition Specialist, Nevada Youth Empowerment Project